VARIO Creative® Tool Pure Perfection of Happiness.

​VARIO Creative® Tool
Pure Perfection of Happiness.

​The VARIO Creative® Tool - a true innovation towards perfect crafting flow. The combination of maximum function and minimalist look unites creativity, harmony and lifestyle. 

​Forget about the inconvenience of having to switch between different tools, forget about effort and having to use a hammer. The VARIO Creative® Tool combines many functions in one tool: punching holes, attaching press fasteners, eyelets and rivets.

​The ergonomic design and innovative mechanics ensure optimised power transmission and thus increase the functional range of the VARIO Creative® tool.

​The VARIO Creative® Tool is a true innovation and made for the perfect crafting flow, whether if you're a beginner or a professional.

meets lightness.

​The simplicity in handling due to less effort and the effortless change between the different tools create smooth transitions in your working process.

​Ergonomic design
  • ​Handle with ergonomic grip shape 
  • wide support surface
  • vertical processing direction 
  • variety of positions 
​Easy Handling
  • ​lower effort
  • effortless switch between the different functions 
  • even thick materials can be processed easily
  • working fatigue-free 
  • certainty of success

​Ergonomic design – developed in Germany.

Plastic feet hold your position securely and guarantee a non-slip stand.

Adjustment screw for fine adjustment, limitation of power transmission.

The handle has three positions for precise work.

Clampt for securing to a table, if required. 

The tool holder for easy changing of tools.

Height compensation depending on tool and material thickness.

Height compensation depending on tool and material thickness.

​​Step by Step Tutorials
​​​Our helpful step by step tutorials will show you how to use the VARIO Creative® tool. Feel inspired by this creative input.

​Tool sets

​Tool sets are available to purchase separately for working with eyelets and tubular rivets.

Tool sets in other sizes will be added to the VARIO Creative® Tool Portfolio in the future.

​Consumption sets

​Prym offers the corresponding consumables to match the tool sets for eyelets and tubular rivets. These are easily recognisable and clear colour coding, they can be easily assigned to the to the respective set. 

Further sizes and colours will be added to the in the future.

​ VARIO Creative® Tool

​ Pure Perfection of Happiness.

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