Prym Union Knopf

Happiness is passion for design.

Fashion is a source of inspiration; looking at seams, buttons, and manufacturing puts you into a space of awe. The little details make the difference and choose the direction of the composition.

Enjoy your passion for design with trend safety.

Perfection to the smallest detail

Union Knopf brings you closer to this perfection in detail with trendy seasonal products designed in Germany. Whether you are a professional or a passionate hobby tailor; we help you transform every design into a piece of art.

We crown every fashion piece

With over decades of experience, we ensure that all of our products are high-quality. After all, we wouldn’t be one of the oldest family-run businesses if we didn’t take pride in our work.

Stay trendy

We have our finger on the pulse and use trend databases to produce our half-yearly collections. We also work with professionals, in order to offer you regular news about the latest trends.

Trend: New Gothic

Trend: beads & glitter

Trend: checks

The finishing touch to your design

Our clothes influence our mood and so the small details are all the more important. Matching buttons, the right fabric and matching braid finish off the details to make your design a masterpiece. We provide you with pages of inspiration to help you to find the right detail for your design.


Founded in Berlin in 1911, Union Knopf is still producing a wealth of trendy buttons, accessories and tapes. In 1959 the company moved its headquarters to Bielefeld, where it is still producing its designs. Twice a year Union Knopf's retail division launches a new collection of some 500 buttons.

Trends for 2022

You want to stay on the ball and not miss any major trend? You want to know how to work with dopamine colours, checks or Gothic style?

Say "yes" to trends

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