Prym 1530

Happiness is creating sustainability.

Prym 1530 is helping you make the right choice when it comes to preserving the environment. Instead of using plastic packaging, the Prym 1530 range is environmentally friendly, made from renewable resources, and retains the excellent quality you expect from Prym products. It is not important to be perfect from the beginning, but to strive for improvement as best as possible.

Together we spark improvements by and for sustainability

Build a more sustainable lifestyle.

From bamboo knitting needles to buttons, our growing range of Prym sustainable quality products are affordable and provide you peace of mind that you’re helping the environment. No matter the type of knitting, crocheting, or materials you’re working with, Prym 1530 is the choice for you.

That is because there are almost 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste globally. If the smallest drop of water can create waves, then Prym 1530 is a fantastic place to become more environmentally conscious.

Avoiding plastic

Plastic was the revolution of the last century; now, however, short-lived plastic is posing problems. For this reason we are converting our plastic packaging to paper packaging item by item.

Tips for a more sustainable life

Renewable materials

Our Prym 1530 series is based principally on renewable materials and we are continually improving our products to make them even more sustainable. We understand sustainability as a journey and we have just taken the first steps along the path in the right direction.


The longer a product is in use, the smaller is its ecological footprint. The topic of durability is very important to us and we rely on high quality products, which will bring you lasting pleasure.

New from old

You would like a new look or simply want to enhance an old shirt? No problem, take inspiration from our upcycling ideas and create a new favourite garment.

Discover inspirations

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