Fashion Trends 2022: Checks

Fashion Trends 2022: Checks

It is impossible to imagine fashion without checks. For centuries this pattern has repeatedly been freshly interpreted and never goes out of date. Gingham checks catch the eye, especially with the Cottagecore trend. Classic tartans also have their place on the fashion scene, whether for business, in the Academia style or with the Gen Z TikTok "Old Money" trend.

There is nothing in this year's colour palette, which would not look good, right from the washed-out vintage style up to mellow check. This season's surprise is crinkle effect fabrics. Are they on the way to a come-back? Let's wait and see.

Find out more on the trend now from our expert, Juliet.

If you like including more checks into your designs, let yourself be inspired.

Of course, checks are not the only trend of the year; you can also take inspiration from dopamine colours, New Gothic and beads and glitter.

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