Knitting pin folder Merino

Item number: 612039
  • Storage of handicraft needles and accessories
  • 15 rubber loops and 8 pockets
  • Attractive design on the theme of wool
  • Without contents
Sales unit
1 piece
43 cm x 20 cm

Product information

The Merino knitting pin folder is a practical storage aid, not just for knitting needles, but also for crochet hooks, cable needles and stitch holders, circular knitting needles with changeable wires and other handicraft utensils. The case opens like a briefcase with a zip fastener. In the red interior there are fifteen rubber loops to hold various sizes and types of knitting needles in place, plus eight pockets for other handicraft needles. The design is original and striking - in keeping with the wool theme of sheep meet balls of wool. Knitting is fun from the first glance!

Product details

Article name
Knitting pin folder Merino
Prym article number
SAP-Material No.
Price group
43 cm x 20 cm
black, white, red
Sales unit
Piece / PC
1 piece
Sales Unit/ Quantity
Material composition
cotton synthetic fibres
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Knitting needle case polka dots, black/white 43 cm x 20 cm black, white Piece 1 piece 1 PC 612181
product image Knitting pin folder Merino 43 cm x 20 cm black, white, red Piece 1 piece 1 PC 612039
product image Knitting needle folder Lovely 43 cm x 20 cm dark blue, white, blue Piece 1 piece 1 PC 612648
product image Knitting needle folder Nature 43 cm x 20 cm cream, black Piece 1 piece 1 PC 612076

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