Fashion Trends 2022: Dopamine Colours

Fashion Trends 2022: dopamine colours

Out with grey, in with dopamine dressing. Not only since the Enclothed Cognition study we have realised that strong colours and the right clothes influence our mood. When we analyse the catwalks we see quite clearly for the 2022 collections that bright cyan, pastel green and pastel pink are among the winners this year. Also from Pinterest Predicts we know that jazzy colours are the fashion. In addition, this year daring combinations, which used to be unthinkable, are being used. Red and green or yellow and pink are quite acceptable!

In 2022 dopamine colours are primarily seen as self-coloured and not as a pattern print. This makes it easier to combine colours, because too many jazzy patterns can seem over the top. Find out more on the trend from our expert, Juliet.

How to use the fashion trend in your next project

What would a trend be without a counter-trend? In 2022 you can expect to find a resurgence of the Gothic trend in the shops as well as beads and glitter and all-over check patterns.

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