Base nails 15mm, antique brass

Item number: 615901
  • Base nails to protect bag bottoms
  • For decorating bag bottoms
  • They enhance bag designs perfectly
  • Available in 3 different finishes
Sales unit
4 pieces
Ø 15 mm

Product information

Prym base nails are used for the protection of bag bottoms. By placing the nails at the bottom of the bag, the material bottom of the bag doesn’t wear out so quickly - especially if the bag is put down often. Whether for shopping or for the weekend: The robust base nails give every bag a touch of professionalism through their different versions in antique silver, antique brass and silver colours. Base nails are available in different sizes.

Product details

Article name
Base nails 15mm, antique brass
Prym article number
SAP-Material No.
Price group
Ø 15 mm
antique brass
Sales unit
Card / CRD
4 pieces
Sales Unit/ Quantity
Material composition
100% metal
Do not wash
Chlorine bleaching not possible
Tumble drying not possible
dry-cleaning not possible
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Base nails 15mm, antique silver Ø 15 mm antique silver Card 4 pieces 5 CRD 615902
product image Base nails 15mm, antique brass Ø 15 mm antique brass Card 4 pieces 5 CRD 615901
product image Base nails 15mm, silver-coloured Ø 15 mm silver-coloured Card 4 pieces 5 CRD 615900

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