Bag rings 35mm, silver-coloured

Item number: 417890
  • Bag rings for trendy bag handles, rucksack straps etc.
  • Snap hook opening with spring fastening
  • Smooth zinc die-cast
  • Versatile
Sales unit
2 pieces
Ø 35 mm

Product information

The Prym round bag rings are ideal for designing eye-catching trendy bags, rucksacks or key rings. Also these bag rings are the perfect choice for repairing bag handles or the like when the seam is not stitched. They are made of smooth zinc die-cast - so the strap glides flexibly and without resistance through the ring. The bag rings have a snap hook opening with spring fastening that fits seamlessly into the curve of the bag rings. Even with heavy use, the high build quality of the snap hook fastening mechanism works reliably. For sewing, handicrafts or decorating: The Prym bag rings are all-rounders when it comes to being creative!

Product details

Article name
Bag rings 35mm, silver-coloured
Prym article number
SAP-Material No.
Price group
Ø 35 mm
Sales unit
Card / CRD
2 pieces
Sales Unit/ Quantity
Material composition
100% zinc alloy
Hand wash
Chlorine bleaching not possible
Tumble drying not possible
dry-cleaning not possible
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Bag rings 35mm, silver-coloured Ø 35 mm silver-coloured Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 417890
product image Bag rings 35mm, gunmetal Ø 35 mm gunmetal Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 417893
product image Bag rings 35mm, new gold Ø 35 mm new gold Card 2 pieces 5 CRD 417894

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