Baby shoes with leather soles

Our leather soles for slippers and slipper-socks are also available for the very little ones in sizes 18-20, UK kiddies' sizes 2-4. They are lined on the inside with cosy and soft fluffy farbric and are ideal for turning them into a wonderful gift. How to use these to make a tiny pair of shoes can be found in our free of charge download pattern. This model is crocheted, but if you prefer to knit or sew then you will find detailed step-by-step instructions in the packaging for the leather soles too.

So there is something for everyone. The leather soles are available up to shoe size 41, UK size 7. And so slippers and slipper-socks can also be a great gift for adults.  

Download pattern Baby shoes




Leather soles for slippers and slipper-socks sizes 18-20, UK sizes 2-4
Crochet hook for wool with soft handle, 2.5 mm,
50 g wool in turquoise, length 140 m, 88% CO, 12% PA
Yarn remnants in the colours green, cream, brown and salmon
Chenille needles
Embroidery scissors
Prym Love magnetic pin cushion


Download pattern Baby shoes

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