Sewing Simple Storage Baskets

Practical storage baskets in two sizes

With two practical sizes, these storage baskets are perfect for children's rooms, workrooms and even bathrooms.

With the sizes small, 11cm x 12cm x 12cm and large, 13cm x 14cm x 15cm, they offer neat filling capacity and are stackable when unfilled.

The baskets can be made by sewing beginners and professionals in no time.


Step 1:

Download the pattern, cut it out and glue it together at the indicated points.

The pattern and cutting instructions already include the seam allowance of 1 cm.

Draw the pattern pieces as indicated on the pattern template onto the outer fabric using the aqua trick marker and cut them to size.

Transfer the pattern pieces to the lining and interfacing and cut them.

Übertrage die Schnittteile auch auf den Futterstoff und die Einlage und schneide sie zu.

Mark the center on top of the pattern pieces with a snap.

Step 2:

Place the outer fabric cut pieces wrong sides together on the glue dots of the interfacing. Use a cotton cloth to protect the ironing surface.

Fix the interfacing to the outer fabric using heat and light force.

Step 3:

Place the outer fabric and lining pieces right sides together. Topstitch the sides and bottom with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Step 4:

Unfold the basket. Unfold the seam allowances and pin the corners, seam to seam. Topstitch the corners with a 1 cm seam allowance.

Close the corners of the lining basket in the same way.

Step 5:

Leave the outer fabric basket inside out and turn the basket to right side.

Now pin the lining basket into the outer fabric piece, seam to seam. Also make sure that the notches marking meet in the center.

Close the seam with a 1 cm seam allowance, leaving an opening of about 10 cm.

Step 6:

Turn the basket right side out through the opening. Press the edge flat. Topstitch the edge of the basket close to the edge.

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