Stitch rippers, large or small

  • Blade with rounded tip
  • Quick, simple unpicking of fabrics
  • The end cap extends the handle
  • Compact size
  • Suitable for right-handers and left-handers
Sales unit
Variant overview

Product information

The stitch ripper from Prym offers top quality and does exactly what it is supposed to do: Particularly useful for unpicking seams in fabrics. Sturdily designed, it fits comfortably into the hand even for longer tasks and its sharp blade with its rounded tip effortlessly picks the thread out of the fabric. The end cap can be stuck on the end like the cap of a fountain pen extending the handle. At the same time the blade of the stitch ripper from Prym is safely protected by a sturdy plastic sheath.

Product details

Article name
Stitch rippers, large or small
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Stitch rippers small, 1000 items 8.4 cm purple Mille 1,000 pieces 1 ML 611220
product image Stitch rippers small 8.4 cm purple Card 1 piece 5 CRD 611205
product image Stitch rippers large, 1000 items 14 cm purple Mille 1,000 pieces 1 ML 611202
product image Stitch rippers large 14 cm purple Card 1 piece 5 CRD 611203
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