Rotary Cutter

Which rotary cutter is the right one for your sewing project?

Rotary cutters have almost replaced the classic tailor's scissors, especially in the patchwork & quilting sector. However, there are different Prym rotary cutters in our range and in our basics article we explain to you for which application is suitable.

Pleasant to hold:

The prym.ergonomics rotary cutter

With its ergonomically shaped handle, the ergonomic rotary cutter with soft support lies particularly well in the hand when cutting and cuts easily through several layers of fabric. Plus, because of the blade guard, you can use a replacement blade without touching the blade directly.

Perfect for: Patchwork, quilting and other sewing projects

Blades: Interchangeable with blade guard (smooth and serrated).

The classic all-rounder

Olfa rotary cutter from Prym

You can get our standard rotary cutter in different sizes, it's best to use a rotary cutter that fits your project.

Super Mini rotary cutter (18 mm blade)

This small rotary cutter is about the size of a pencil and is perfect for appliqué work and miniature quilts. With its extreme maneuverability as well as precision, it makes cutting tight curved cuts easy.

Perfect for: Appliqué work, miniature quilts and tight curve cuts

Baldes: interchangeable (smooth)

Mini rotary cutter with 28 mm blade

With the Mini you can handily cut curved and wavy cuts in fabric, the rotary cutter is also great for short runs

Perfect for: Curves and wave

Blades: interchangeable (smooth)

Maxi rotary cutter with 45 mm blade

Our Maxi is the all-rounder among the rotary cutters with it you can also easily cut through 4-8 layers of patchwork fabric.

Perfect for: Standard application

Blades: interchangeable (smooth & corrugated)

How do I best care for my rotary cutter?

We recommend that you regularly take your rotary cutter to pieces to remove any fiber residue and to ensure that it works properly. Also, when cutting, be careful not to cut into the ruler with the blade, as this will cause your rotary cutter blade to wear out more quickly.

Maxi easy rotary cutter with 45 mm blade

The Maxi easy rotary cutter is comparable to the Maxi rotary cutter and also cuts through several layers of fabric without any problems. The special feature: the blades are easier to change.

Perfect for: Standard application

Blades: interchangeable (smooth & corrugated)

Comfort rotary cutter with 45 mm blade

With the rotary cutter with Comfort handle and double safety mechanism, the blade only moves into the cutting position when the handle is tightened, and only returns to the starting position when the handle is released. The blade can also be secured in either the rest or working position with a locking device.

Perfect for: Standard application

Blades: interchangeable (smooth & corrugated)

Jumbo rotary cutter with 60 mm blade

The Jumbo rotary cutter is suitable for particularly thick fabrics, nonwovens or many layers of fabric when cutting. It cuts up to 20 layers of fabric with little effort due to its large blade diameter, depending on fabric thickness and quality.

Perfect for: Thick materials, multiple layers of fabric

Blades: interchangeable (smooth)

Prym Love Omnicut rotary cutter with 45mm blade

The Prym Love rotary cutter quickly makes hearts beat faster with its soft grip and color. With the patented blade protection system, the blade also only lowers into cutting position when pressure is applied.

Perfect for: Standard application

Blades: interchangeable (smooth)

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