Pompom Cushion

Single colour or multicoloured, with more or fewer pompoms. The great advantage of making things yourself is that imagination knows no bounds. This means that you can design your cushion with that individual touch. And with our Pompom Maker 2 in 1 the pompoms are ready in a jiffy.

Materials required


Step 1 – Knit a tension sample, calculate number of stitches


Cast on 20 stitches and knit 5 cm in garter stitch (knit right side rows and wrong side rows).

Count how many stitches you have up to 10 cm.

Tip: The edge stitches are a slightly different size from the other stitches, so place the tape measure on the second stitch of your sample and count the number of stitches to 10 cm from this point.

Our tension sample with needle gauge 5 has 17 stitches. If you have more stitches, you need a larger needle. If you have fewer stitches, you need a smaller needle.

Calculate the number of stitches for your cushion. The rule of three is used for this calculation:

Your tension sample divided by 10 times the width of the cushion.

In our case, for a 40 cm cushion this is 17 : 10 x 40, therefore 68 stitches (this method helps you knit the cushion cover later for different sizes of cushion).

Step 2 – Knit the cushion cover and pin securely


We are working on the basis of a 40 x 40 cm cushion.

Cast on 68 stitches.

Knit all stitches until your work measures 85 cm. Cast off all stitches knitwise.

If your cushion is longer, knit twice the length, plus 5 cm.

Fold the top 10 cm towards you and the bottom 35 cm away from you, so that the cushion overlaps by 5 cm. Pin everything securely in place. 

Step 3 – Sew up the cushion cover


Using a length of yarn and a wool needle, sew the edges together. Where there is an overlap, make sure that you sew through all three layers. 

Step 4 – Sew on the snap fasteners


At regular intervals sew on 3 snap fasteners. To do this, start in the centre. Fold the cushion cover in half and sew on the snap fastener on the fold line.

Sew each of the two remaining snap fasteners half-way between the snap fastener you have just sewn on and the edge. 

Step 5 – Create the pompom


Use the red discs to prepare your Pompom Maker 2 in 1 for a 5 cm pompom.

Following the instructions on the packaging, wind the wool around one side and then the other side of the Pompom Maker.

Fold the two sides of the Pompom Maker together and lock into place.

Step 6 – Cut the pompom


Cut open the wool all the way round. Thread through a length of yarn of the same colour and tie the pompom together securely.

Step 7 – Remove the Pompom Maker


Remove the pompom maker. Your pompom will most probably look a little untidy and misshapen.

Step 8 – Trim the pompom


Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the pompom, until it is nice and round. While doing this, take care not to cut through the yarn holding the pompom together.

Tip: If you rub the pompom between your palms the individual wool fibres will separate and the pompom will become lovely and plump.

Make another 7 pompom bobbles.

Step 9 – Complete the cushion


Using the yarn holding the pompom together, sew the pompoms securely to the edges of the cushion. Sew on the "Made with Love" appliqué motif. Sew up all the ends of the thread and enjoy your new cushion.


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