​The perfect needles for all needlework enthusiasts.

​No matter who you're making your next needlework project for, we have the perfect quality needle for you in our Prym Originals range.

​You interpret tradition in a modern way and enjoy making someone special happy with your creative needlework project.
With variety, quality and durability, Prym Originals ensures that your favourite needlework techniques are fun and enjoyable.

​Variety & Quality

​ A wide variety of choices in various thicknesses and lengths - the right needle for everyone.

​Easy gliding

​Smooth, free of pores and non-abrasive for an optimum gliding action.

​Seamlessly connected

​Flexible rope - barely noticeable transition from shaft to cord for trouble-free gliding of the stitches.

​Needle point

​Ideally shaped for professional knitting.

​Discover the variety of Prym Originals.

​The high-quality needles from Prym Originals are our classics, which we have given a new lease of life thanks to the improved and plastic-free packaging concept.
The range variety leaves nothing to be desired - the needles are available in almost all lengths and thicknesses. The variety of materials includes aluminum, plastic and brass.

The aluminum and brass knitting needles are smooth, hard-wearing and particularly light. They are well suited for fast knitting and crocheting with smooth yarns. The optimally shaped tips are shaped in such a way that thread splicing is just about impossible, but easy insertion is ensured.

Plastic needles are lightweight and have a particularly smooth surface. They are therefore particularly suitable for beginners, as they are easy to hold and the yarn glides well.

Crochet hooks with a soft-touch surface provide a non-slip grip, making crocheting easier. These crochet hooks are especially good for tighter crochet techniques such as amigurumi.

​Single-pointed knitting needles

​With lightweight aluminum single-pointed knitting needles, everyone can find the optimal needle for their knitting in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Thanks to the non-porous and abrasion-resistant shaft, the stitches glide effortlessly over the needles during knitting. Another highlight is the finely rounded tip, which ensures that the stitches are picked up without splitting the yarn. The color-coded needle size is placed on the head of the knitting needle, so that you can quickly find it in the needlework basket. The pearl gray aluminum knitting needles are available in lengths from 25 cm to 40 cm in many gauges.

The light single-pointed knitting needles from gauge 8 are made of grey plastic. They can be used to create numerous trendy pieces such as loop scarves, coarse-meshed cardigans or sweaters, or home decor accessories. These single-pointed knitting needles are available in optional lengths of 35 or 40cm and are easy to hold despite their thickness.


​Double-pointed knitting needles

​This wide range of Prym double-pointed knitting needles in a large number of gauges and lengths offers a solution for every need. The knitting needles are suitable for all circular knitting projects - from stockings and socks to hats, gloves and much more. Thanks to their smooth, non-slip surface, stitches glide easily over the needles, allowing for relaxed knitting even over hours. The neutral grey colour allows you to see the stitches clearly. These double-pointed knitting needles are light and are available up to gauge 5.0 mm in pearl-grey aluminium. From gauge 5.0 mm the needles are made from grey plastic.


​Discover our knitting needle and crochet hook variety.




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