​The perfect needles
for innovative handicraft.

​No matter how you dive into your creative needlework flow, we have the perfect ergonomic needle in our Prym Ergonomics range.

​Handicraft contributes to inner balance and increases satisfaction and well-being. Therefore, every needlework fan can find his or her individual moment of relaxation with the right needles from Prym Ergonomics. Our ergonomic design and excellent quality will get you into your needlework flow and thereby increase your balance.

​Hook tips

​Optimised picking up and guiding of the yarn through drop shaped tips.


​Ingeniously designed end knobs that act as stitch stoppers or conveniently secure the single-pointed knitting needles as a pair.

​Tangle-free steel cable

​Fine, sturdy steel cable on the circular knitting needles - free from the memory effect.

​Carbon technology

​Recognisable by its black colouring, the innovative material ensures lightness and stability even in thin needle sizes.

​Discover the diversity of Prym Ergonomics.

​The light and flexible needles from Prym Ergonomics are setting innovative standards and ensure that needlework is easy on the wrists and fatigue-free. They stand for a new generation of easier knitting and crocheting.

The innovative drop tips make knitting an enjoyable experience for beginners and advanced knitters. The unique drop-shaped design makes it easier to pick up and guide the yarn. It is a relief for knitting beginners as the yarn won't slip off the tip as easily and at the same time enables experienced knitters to work quickly and silently.

The shank has a triangular "triangle shape" shape and ensures that the stitches, once formed, can slide on the round needle cross-section with minimal frictional resistance. This also prevents annoying re-slipping.

Innovative Click Heads are not only used to connect two single-pointed knitting needles as a pair, but also act as stitch stoppers to hold the stitches of the knitted fabric securely. This makes knitting much easier as you don't have to worry about lost stitches.

The circular knitting needles are connected to a special steel cable, which is coated with plastic. Unlike conventional plastic cords, this cord does not suffer from the annoying "memory effect" where it constantly unwinds itself. As a result, knitting remains free of interruptions.

The smooth wool crochet hooks from Prym Ergonomics offer exactly what is important when crocheting. A highly polished shank and hook ensure optimal gliding through the stitch. The ergonomic handle with nubbed structure ensures a comfortable, safe and fatigue-free work while maintaining a flexible grip.

​Single-pointed knitting needles

​The innovative Prym Ergonomic single-pointed knitted needles are a synonym for easy knitting. Made of high-performance synthetic material, the alabaster white knitting needles are light, flexible and lie comfortably in the hand. The drop shaped points make the single-pointed knitting needles ideal for beginners as the yarn does not slip off the tip so easily and picking up the yarn is also much easier. The needle shank is round at the front and changes to a triangular cross-section - this allows the stitches to slide freely and easily. The clickheads are cleverly designed to hold the two needles together as a pair and to serve as stitch stoppers. The needle sizes are printed centrally on the needles. All in all: The Prym Ergonomics single-pointed knitted needles offer pure knitting joy, even when used over long periods.


​Discover our knitting needle and crochet hook variety.




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