​​The perfect needles
for all do-gooders.

​No matter what sustainable needlework project you're making, we have the perfect sustainable needle in our Prym 1530 range.

​Handicraft contributes to a resource-saving lifestyle, because its sustainable power lies in the self-made itself. Individuality and durability have many facets and all contribute to a positive vision of the future. With environmentally friendly materials and the sustainable packaging of Prym 1530 we help you to make your personal project a sustainable success and proudly present it to the world.


​Careful handling of raw materials for sustainable pleasure in handicrafts.

​Pleasant feel

​Particularly warm and pleasant to the touch.


​For hours of fatigue-free needlework.


​Polished, smooth surface ensures smooth sliding of the stitches.

​Discover the diversity of Prym 1530.

​With the Prym 1530 brand, we offer a constantly growing range of sustainable needles that meet our standards for design, functionality and quality. "Prym sustainable quality" stands not only for the usual high Prym quality, but in particular for environmentally friendly materials and sustainable packaging entirely without plastic.

The Prym 1530 bamboo needles offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive choice for knitters of all levels of experience. Their lightness is a notable plus, as they cause less fatigue in the hands, especially during long projects. Thanks to the natural material, the Prym 1530 needles lie pleasantly warm in the hand and have a wonderful feel. The natural material also prevents electrostatic charging.

The Prym 1530 wooden needles have a particularly fine surface, allowing the wool slip easily. They provide a slight warmth to the hands and absorb moisture. This is why many knitting enthusiasts find them particularly comfortable. Their individual colouring makes every single Prym 1530 needle unique.

​Single-pointed knitting needles


​The lightweight bamboo single-pointed knitting needles inspire with their pleasantly warm feel as well as a smooth, very grippy surface - making them perfect for longer knitting in one piece. Despite their high robustness, they are very flexible. The tips are precisely shaped, absolutely fibre-free and thus allow for an easy insertion of the needle into the stitches without splitting the yarn. The knob at the end of the needle also prevents the stitches from slipping off. The needle sizes of the 33cm single-pointed knitting needles are clearly marked in the center of the needle.

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​In proven quality, these single-pointed knitting needles impress with their polished, smooth surfaces, which allow the stitches to glide smoothly and thus knit quickly without snagging. The tips are tapered and optimally shaped so that insertion is very easy and yarn splicing is avoided. With the NATURAL single-pointed knitting needles, even hours of knitting are completely effortless - the wood generates a pleasant warmth in the hand. The single-pointed knitting needles are wonderfully light and get their classy look from the individual colouring.

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​Double-pointed knitting needles


​The lightweight bamboo double-pointed knitting needles feel pleasantly warm in the hand, are flexible and allow an effortless longer knitting process. The tips are shaped to allow optimal insertion into the stitches. The even surface of the needles ensures a smooth gliding of the stitches without letting them slip off the needle. The needle size is centered and easily readable on the needle. 

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