Patching, reflective, various colours

  • Reflective patches for nylon, polyamide and polyester fabrics
  • Self-adhesive
  • Black or silver-coloured
  • High quality adhesive coating
  • 1 piece, 10 x 18 cm
Sales unit
1 piece
18 cm x 10 cm
Variant overview

Product information

The adhesive patches in black or silver-coloured polyamide make sure that you are visible and safe in traffic. Cut them to the required shape and simply stick them to the clothing. There is simply no limit to the creative design possibilities. Motifs, stripes, triangles - everything is possible. Before patching the surface material of the clothing must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. The Prym sells the reflective patches with the strong adhesive surface on cards, in 10 x 18 cm pieces, one piece to each card.

Product details

Article name
Patching, reflective, various colours
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Patching reflective, 10 x 18cm, black 18 cm x 10 cm black Card 1 piece 5 CRD 929513
product image Patching reflective, 10 x 18cm, silver-coloured 18 cm x 10 cm silver-coloured Card 1 piece 5 CRD 929512
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