Knit your own kitchen cloth

You cannot think of a kitchen without thinking of kitchen cloths. What do you think of our self-knitted version? It is attractive, robust and sustainable. Our expert, Evi from Mrs. Greenhouse has prepared simple instructions for you to make a lovely kitchen cloth.

You need:

Materials: 2 balls of wool (e.g.. 100% cotton in ecru and pink), with yardage for each ball 120 m/50 g
Needle: Prym 1530 circular knitting needle, gauge 5 mm/ length 80 cm, crochet hook
Accessories: scissors, wool needle, Prym Love Tassel maker (Art. No. 624 191), where required cotton tape for the loop for hanging up the cloth

Size: approx. 29 x 35 cm

Moss stitch (odd number of stitches):

1st row: knit 1, purl 1 alternatively. End with a knit stitch. Repeat row 1.


Cast on 45 stitches using both yarns (double).

1st row: knit.
2nd row: knit.
3rd row: knit 1, continue knitting in moss stitch, knit last stitch.

Repeat row 3 until work measures 35 cm. Cast off all stitches. Crochet a loop on the corner and sew up the threads.


Make four little tassels from the remaining yarn and sew them on the corners of the cloth. The easiest way to do this is to use the Prym Love Tassel Maker. Follow the instructions in the package.

Hanging up the cloth:

Instead of a crochet loop, you can sew on a loop made from cotton tape. 


Machine-wash your kitchen cloth at a maximum of 40°C, pull it gently into shape and dry flat. In this way it will last for a long time.

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