Felting needles, fine or coarse

  • Suitable for needle felting
  • Size: 78 mm
  • Fine or coarse
  • Felting needles, suitable for the prym.ergonomics handles set for felting needles
Sales unit
7 pieces
Variant overview

Product information

Prym carries felting needles that are 78 mm long specifically for needle felting. In the work area below the sharp shaft, the needle has a tip with fine notches that produce a barbed hook effect. These fineand coarsefelting needles stand out due to the spacing and amount of these notches. Coarse needles are suitable for compacting the felt, while the fine needles are used for working in or performing detailed work on the felt motifs . All feltingneedles are suitable for use in the handles set for felting needles from the prym.ergonomics series. Each package contains 7 felting needles to be used as a filling or even a refill for the set.

Product details

Article name
Felting needles, fine or coarse
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Felting needles, coarse, 78mm 78 mm coarse silver-coloured Card 7 pieces 5 CRD 131161
product image Felting needles fine 78 mm fine silver-coloured Card 7 pieces 5 CRD 131160
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