Crochet a Christmas Tree


Basic pattern

The Christmas trees are worked in two sections. First of all, the green tree section is worked from bottom to top and worked round with dc. Then the black trunk is worked from top to bottom directly on to the tree.


dc – double crochet  

sl st – slip stitch 

ch – chain stitch 

st – stitches  

row – row  

t-ch – turning chain 

2tog – two stitches together 


The height from trunk to tip is approx. 10 cm.

That's how it's done:

Step 1

Cast on 13 ch with No. 3.0 hook, in green. 

Row 1: 12 dc, t-ch. 

Row 2: dc2tog, 8 dc, dc2tog, t-ch. 

Rows 3 - 4: 10 dc, t-ch. 

Row 5: dc2tog, 6 dc, dc2tog, t-ch. 

Rows 6 - 7: 8 dc, t-ch. 

Row 8: dc2tog, 4 dc, dc2tog, t-ch. 

Rows 9 - 10: 6 dc, t-ch. 

Row 11: dc2tog, 2 dc, dc2tog, t-ch. 

Rows 12 - 13: 4 dc, t-ch. 

Row 14: dc2tog, dc2tog, t-ch. 

Rows 15 - 16: 2 dc, t-ch. 

Row 17: dc2tog, t-ch. 

Step 2

Now turn the Christmas tree and work 16 ch along the side, work a total of 3 dc into the corner, similarly work dc st along the ch st chain from the start, again work 3 dc into the corner and another 16 ch along the edge on the other side. End with a sl st into the tip. 

Step 3

Cut off yarn, leaving an end 10 cm long and draw through the last stitch. With the crochet hook draw the yarn through the tip to form a loop.  

Step 4

First knot the yarn at the back of the work and then sew in the ends. 

Step 5

Using black, work 2 ch into the bottom 5th st in the lower edge and 3 ch into the next 3 st, t-ch. 

Row 1: 4 dc, t-ch. 

Rows 2 - 3: work as row 1.  

Cut off the yarn and sew in the ends.


The tree may become slightly corrugated. In this case it is worthwhile to moisten it and smooth it with, for example, the Prym iron.

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