Circular knitting needles prym.ergonomics, Carbon Technology

  • Fine circular knitting needles made from high-performance synthetic material reinforced with carbon fibres
  • Stitches slide smoothly along the shaft and cord
  • No spiralling
  • For fine shawls and pullovers as well as for lacework
black, white, dark violet
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1 piece
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The innovative prym.ergonomics circular knitting needles make knitting easier and more comfortable. They are made from quality, white high-performance synthetic material and are very flexible. The light-weight material also guarantees silent knitting, without the click-click of the needles. Owing to the drop-shaped hook tip, the prym.ergonomics knitting needles are very suitable for beginners, because the thread guidance is much easier and the stitches do not slide so quickly from the knitting needle points. The 2.5 mm needle gauge is available in the prym.ergonomics Carbon Technology range. Despite the small diameter of the needles, the innovative design in high-performance synthetic material reinforced by carbon fibres guarantees that they are stable, flexible and light-weight. Their attraction lies in their very classic, black matt surface. A highlight: the needle gauge, marked in white in contrast to the matt black of the needle, is perfectly legible. At the same time the material used for the round shaft is so smooth that the stitches slide effortlessly along it and glide evenly from needle to cord. From needle gauge 4.5 mm the cross-section of the shaft changes shape from round to triangular; thus allowing the stitches to glide effortlessly along the thicker needles as well. The very fine steel cord is coated with high-quality, dark violet coloured plastic. The special feature of the cord is that the undesirable tendency to spiral is eliminated. If you are looking for thicker needles, you cannot find better than the prym.ergonomics circular knitting needles in needle gauges 3.0 mm to 12.0 mm. They are made from white high-performance synthetic material overprinted in dark violet. The innovative circular knitting needles were awarded the Red Dot Design Award. For the sake of sustainability the entire range of prym.ergonomics knitting needles and crochet hooks is produced exclusively in Germany.

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Circular knitting needles prym.ergonomics, Carbon Technology
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product image Circular knitting needle prym.ergonomics, Carbon Technology, 60cm, 2.5mm Ø 2.5 mm x 60 cm black, white, dark violet Card 1 piece 5 CRD 215201
product image Circular knitting needle prym.ergonomics, Carbon Technology, 80cm, 2.5mm Ø 2.5 mm x 80 cm black, white, dark violet Card 1 piece 5 CRD 215301
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