Crochet a Boho Look Phone Case

Trendy, super-casual and your ultimate everyday companion

You can crochet this very simple crossbody bag in less than an hour. And I promise you will love it! Honestly, how many times a day do we look for our mobile phone? And how long does it take to find it in our shopper or backpack?

If you don't have a crossbody style mobile phone bag yet or are open to another model, grab your yarn and needle and crochet your own mobile phone bag in which your smartphone, credit card, lipstick etc. are perfectly protected.


The pocket consists of a rectangle of solid stitches, which is later folded up and sewn to the side. If you want the mobile phone pocket to be larger or wider, you can cast on more air stitches at the beginning and crochet additional rows of solid stitches (to the desired length) at the end.


15 cm high, 11 cm wide

Stitch gauge:

9 FM x 5 rows = 10 x

10 cm

Solid stitch:

Stitch with the crochet hook into the stitch and pull the thread through. Then pick up the thread again with the needle and pull it through the two loops.


Step 1: Cast on air stitches

Unwind about 25 cm of thread from your yarn and then start to cast on 7 air stitches + 1 turn stitch with your crochet hook. This is your first row.

Step 2: Crochet solid stitches

Then you skip the first turn stitch and crochet a solid stitch in each of your 7 air stitches in your first back row. Then you finish the row with a double crochet stitch.

*Each row is started and ended with a double crochet stitch, and in each row you crochet 7 solid stitches in the insertion points of the previous row*.

Step 3: Crochet a 32 cm rectangle of solid stitches.

Repeat from * to * until the piece has reached a total length of 32 cm. Then cut a thread about 25 cm long and finish your crochet piece by pulling the end thread through the loop of your last solid stitch.

Step 4: Close the side seams

Now fold your crocheted rectangle in half and sew the open sides of the bag with a wool needle and the beginning and end thread. Then turn your work right side out so that the side seams are no longer visible.

Step 5: Attach the fringes

To complete the boho look, cut 12 25 cm long threads for the fringes. Attach the fringes to the bag as follows: Fold the thread in half and pull it through the puncture of the top row of solid stitches by hand or with a crochet hook. Then pull the ends of the thread through the loop.

In this way, knot 2 fringes through the insertion points of each of the 6 solid stitches in the last row (note: of the 7 solid stitches, only 6 solid stitches should now be visible because of the side closure). Then you can shorten the fringes to your desired length.

Step 6: Attach the pocket chains

The last step is to attach the pocket chains. To wear the bag crossbody, you can join two bag chains to your desired length and attach them to the sides of your crochet piece. That's it!

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