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Prym Originals

At Prym, we surround ourselves with family. After all, we’re one of Europe’s oldest family-run businesses founded in 1530.

So, whether you’re learning a new skill or teaching someone in your family, we have a massive range of products that will help you make the most of your quality time.

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Prym Love

It's time to shine - darling. Express your vibrant personality through handicraft. Say goodbye to your old boring wardrobe, bring your inside out and embrace your uniqueness. Prym Love is more than a color; it's your key to self-expression.

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Union Knopf by Prym

Fashion is a source of inspiration; looking at seams, buttons, and manufacturing puts you into a space of awe. The little details make the difference and choose the direction of the composition.

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Prym 1530

Prym 1530 is helping you make the right choice when it comes to preserving the environment. Instead of using plastic packaging, the Prym 1530 range is environmentally friendly, made from renewable resources, and retains the excellent quality you expect from Prym products. It is not important to be perfect from the beginning, but to strive for improvement as best as possible.

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Prym Ergonomics

Prym.ergonomics lets your creativity flow. Whether if you seek concentration or meditation - your flow is our drive. After decades of classic knitting needles and sewing supplies, it was time for a revolution. A revolution, bringing more comfort and contemporary aesthetics into handicraft tools.

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Joy of Diversity, Creative Drive & Handicraft Exellence

We have been passionate about handicrafts since 1530. For centuries we have been producing quality tools for the handicraft market, which have brought smiles to the faces of satisfied handicraft fans. Our main aim is to support you with your project full of happiness, by supplying you with the tools and inspiration you need.

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