Polyester two-hole button Love

Item number: 453654
Sales unit
tube of 20 pieces
Ø 20 mm

Product information

Product details

Article name
Polyester two-hole button Love
Prym article number
SAP-Material No.
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Polyester two-hole Love 20mm red Ø 20 mm 0048 red tube tube of 20 pieces 1 TBE 04536540200048
product image Polyester two-hole Hope 20mm blue Ø 20 mm 0068 dark blue, navy blue tube tube of 20 pieces 1 TBE 04536540200068
product image Polyester two-hole Trust 20mm black Ø 20 mm 0080 black tube tube of 20 pieces 1 TBE 04536540200080
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