Accessories range

​For knitting you need wool, knitting needles, scissors and sewing needle. But maybe it would be good if you had one or two additional accessories that make your work a little easier.

​We have a wide range of accessories in our Prym needlework range to make your needlework experience even more enjoyable! Whether you're looking for a handy needle gauge, stitch marker, stitch stopper or storage for your needles, you'll find it here. We provide you with the right knitting accessories to help you realise your creativity and projects and take your hobby to the next level.

​Stitch stoppers

​Practical stitch stoppers prevent stitches from slipping off the needle.

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​Stitch markers

​The small clips make it easier to count stitches and rows.

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​​Needle play holder

​The needle play holder can be used to store all five needles of a needle play together, with or without knitting.

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​Knitting calculator

​Helpful all-rounder - determine needle sizes, count stitches and rows and convert stitch gauge.  

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​The practical wool dispenser prevents the yarn from tangling. Also suitable for traveling, thanks to the practical shoulder strap.

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​Row counter

​Two-digit indicator for counting rows when knitting. Either to slide onto the needle or to hang on.

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​Yoga cable knitting needles

​Helpful when knitting cable knit patterns. Available in fixed and flexible varieties.

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​The practical needle bags are a huge help when you are looking for tools to organise your knitting needles. It makes sure that every needle has a place and can be easily found when needed – also suitable for crochet hooks.

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​Knitting mills

​Their operation is so simple that even children can knit with great pleasure colorful knitting tubes in a variety of colors. 

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