​Which needle suits me?

​Are you looking for the perfect knitting needle and crochet hook that meets your individual needs and preferences? Choosing the right needle is a matter of the heart, and we want to help you with it.

​Knitting needles and crochet hooks are essential tools for handicraft enthusiasts and vary depending on the material, shape and intended use. Choosing the right needle can have a big impact on the needlework experience and the end result.

There are many different types of needles, each with specific benefits to help you succeed in your next project. Each type of needle offers certain features that can affect the knitting technique, the comfort, and the end result.
There are also a variety of different materials that also have very unique properties. Whether it's the warmth and feel of wood and bamboo, the smoothness and speed of metal, or the lightness and pliability of plastic.
Depending on which project you are tackling next, choosing the right needle is a decisive criterion for success and fun in needlework.

​When choosing your knitting needles and crochet hooks, it's crucial to pay attention to your own preferences and consider the specifics of your DIY project. Which material and shape suits you depends on your own personal taste and unique style.
It's a good idea to try out different types of crochet hooks to find the one that suits you best and works best for your intended use.

To help you choose your perfect needle, we have divided our Prym knitting and crochet needle range into three strong brands - Prym Originals, Prym Ergonomics and Prym 1530. Each brand offers a wide range of different knitting needles and crochet hooks with very special features that will make your needlework experience unique.
This is how we want to help you find your way in the big colorful world of needlework. Because every needle is as unique as your individual needs.

Prym has the right needle for everyone.

​What are the different types of knitting needles?

Single-pointed knitting needles are two straight needles with a stopper at the end. They are mainly used for flat knitting projects, for example, sweaters, scarves or cardigans.

Circular knitting needles are almost all-rounders. You can use them for flat knits, like scarves, and of course for circular knits. Since your entire knitting project lies on the cord of the needle, the finished stitches are less likely to slip off the needle. The length of the circular knitting needle cords determines the circumference of your circular knitted project. This is why there are so many different cord lengths.

Double pointed knitting needles (needle sets) consist of five needles. Four needles hold the project and one is used for knitting. You use the working needle to pick stitches off a needle. Once all stitches are knitted off, the next needle becomes the working needle. They are especially good for smaller diameters, such as socks or baby clothes.

Knitting mills are semi-automatic machines that use cranking to create seamless knit tubes, which are often used for stockings, socks, hats or as decoration.

​Discover our knitting needle and crochet hook variety.




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