More fun in handicrafts

How to have more fun in handicrafts

The first step towards a successful handicraft project is quality tools. This means perfect chalk markings on fabrics with the parallel tracing wheel or fewer dropped stitches with the prym.ergonomics knitting needles. Suitable tools mean that your projects take less time and ensure a better work flow.

Quick, accurate chalk marking

Traditional dressmaker's chalk has proved its worth for centuries now, but there are moments when you want to make a quick, straight mark on the fabric along a seam allowance. You can simply guide the parallel tracing wheel with spacer effortlessly around your cut-out fabric piece and mark the cutting line and seam allowance absolutely accurately.

The knitting revolution

Who is not familiar with the traditional metal knitting needles? After decades of the same shape of needle it was time to revolutionise them, to say "goodbye" to countless dropped stitches and fingertips that ached after such a short while. Hook tips ensure that fewer stitches are dropped and you get into a rhythm with your knitting more rapidly. In addition, their light weight and ergonomic triangular shape ensure that you can knit for longer without tiring.

Accurate cutting out of your fabrics

The ergonomic rotary cutter works like an extension of your arm. The soft coating ensures that it lies comfortably in the hand and you can guide it intuitively. This makes your work effortless. In addition, the blade guard allows you to insert and change the blade safely, since you do not come into direct contact with it.

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