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Bag made from an old jute sack



1. You need:

  • Old jute sack
  • Sewing thread in matching colour
  • Sewing machine
  • Strap Cord
  • Dressmaker’s chalk white
  • Patchwork ruler
  • Tailor’s shears
  • Iron
  • Ironing sheet
  • Safety pin
  • Glass-headed pin
  • Sewing machine needles Jeans No. 90/14


2. To start with, an old jute sack has to bite the dust, because you cut out of it two rectangles, each 52 x 43 cm in size. Of course, you can include the imprint and give your bag an individual design. All the edges should be quickly neatened.


3. Cut a strip 37 cm long for the strap, fold it in half and pin it 10 cm from the upper edge on one side, before sewing the bag together.


4. Sew each side 3 cm from the top edge towards the bottom. Then leave a 5 cm wide gap for the cord and close the rest of the side seam to the base. Always secure the beginning and end of a seam. Sew the base closed along the entire width and iron open the seam allowance.


5. So that the bag can stand up, take the corners one by one and fold them diagonally, so that the base and side seam lie on top of each other. Then sew a 18 cm wide base and cut off the protruding corners, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance. Neaten the open edges once more.


6. Now iron the upper edge 1 cm towards the inside and then iron it inwards once more by 4.5 cm, before top-stitching all around close to the fold edge, 4 cm from the edge of the bag.


7. To close the bag, you need two cords, each 125 cm long. Using a safety pin, push the first cord through one of the upper openings all the way round, until it comes out again at the same place. Do the same with the other cord through the opening on the other side.


8. Now all you have to do is knot the cord ends, put in your needlework tools and you will not lose anything when out and about.


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