Arm pin cushion magnetic dark violet

Item number: 610282
  • Arm pin cushion with magnetic metal plate
  • Storage of pins, sewing needles, etc.
  • Flexible silicone bracelet
  • Easy to use
Sales unit
1 piece
240 mm x 55 mm

Product information

Nothing could be more practical. The magnetic arm pin cushion from the Prym Love range makes handicrafts even easier. It keeps all the metal utensils you need for your work, such as pins, sewing needles, but also knitting accessories, convieniently and securely close to hand. This is made possible by the metal plate made from brushed stainless steel with its integral magnet - no more searching for small utensils. The dark violet strap made from high-quality silicone is flexible and fits every wrist perfectly. This magnetic arm pin cushion is a real plus when you need to store small metal utensils while working!

Product details

Article name
Arm pin cushion magnetic dark violet
Prym article number
SAP-Material No.
Price group
240 mm x 55 mm
dark violet
Sales unit
Card / CRD
1 piece
Sales Unit/ Quantity
Material composition
silicone stainless steel brushed
Variant overview
Item name Dimensions Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit Amount MOQ Article ID Availabilty
product image Arm pin cushion, magnetic, Prym Love, pink 240 mm x 55 mm pink Card 1 piece 3 CRD 610283
product image Arm pin cushion magnetic dark violet 240 mm x 55 mm dark violet Card 1 piece 3 CRD 610282
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