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Fashion wears transfer

Strong Statements

Transfers say more than a thousand words: for those who want to make a striking fashion statement, the latest foil and flock transfers from Prym are the fastest way to perfect performance. Their trendy motifs have long since become the ultimate style turbos not only for jackets and trousers. The lavish ornaments now stop at nothing, not even your own living room.

Cool stuff

The foil transfers in gold or silver have emerged as a strong trend that’s simply a must. In a tamed biker style, the skull and crossbone shirt in retro cut takes up the dress code of the stars. Combined with butterflies and crowns, simple shirts are transformed into cool gear in Ed Hardy look. Other strong statements include daring rock variants with e-guitar and the legendary tongue of the Rolling Stones. Those who prefer it somewhat more classic, can choose from royal attributes: crown and princess lettering are the crown jewels of the fashion queen. Creatively combined or pure – foil transfers turn every basic item into a small piece of art that could easily become a cult, and make any outfit fit for either office or a night out.

Flock transfers, on the other hand, set things in motion. With their velvety structure, the graphic, trendy motifs seem particularly vivid and give simple shirts a certain ‘it’ appeal that will turn them into real firecrackers.

Creative home décor

But flock transfers are predestined for more than just the “in” star style in the wardrobe. Trendsetters use these ready ornaments to design anything and everything that makes everyday items more stylish. Sofas – flocked with lavish floral patterns – celebrate the comeback of the 70s look. Climbers and roses set romantic accents on cushions and snuggly blankets. Motifs in black and white from the Asian mythology put the finishing touches on simple fabrics. With a vast selection of motifs from rock to romance and cryptic to colourful, the flock transfers from Prym turn each room into a creatively inspired oasis of wellbeing. The transfer could not be any easier: apply, iron on, done!

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