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Spinning a yarn for the perfect cover-up

The cover story – putting a new spin on things

Make your home the centre of a creative cover-up story – starring the knitting mill Maxi and directed by you. Whether short story or mini-series – the result will definitely be worth seeing. Spin your own yarn and have the swiftly produced knitted tubes keep everything under wraps. Simply choose your favourite colour to see them weave their charm around cushions, boxes and snuggle-ups, or endear themselves to you as your cuddly new winter-warm outfit. Also on set will be heavenly soft wool and a sheer endless string of fun.

This is where the fun starts

The good old knitting jenny was the inspiration for the new heroine in the script. Similar to this toy from our childhood days, the yarn here does the rounds. The love relationship starts even while the yarn is threaded, and pleasurable tension is guaranteed from the very first spin. The storyboard is your dream cast: whether unicoloured or multicoloured, put a spin on it until your tube has the desired length. New colours or the next ball of wool are simply tied to the old one. That’s the tube that dreams of snuggle-style fashion or trendy home décor are made of. Once it’s a wrap, simply sew up the stitches using a plastic needle.

That extra edge

But the knitting mill Maxi is good for so much more. A simple click of the switch will effectively lead to some enjoyable to-ing and fro-ing. Straight runs with that extra edge will clear the way for attractive jumpers or ponchos, a multi-part work that is easily sewn up. Round or square is but a matter of the heart: whether stylish knitted slipcovers for your lampshades or a hat, muff and coat for your new winter outfit, your creations will no doubt lead to a happy end.

To be continued

Whether you plan to create a moving three-parter or turn to your next project with a delightful fleece spin to it – a sequel is guaranteed. Tips, tricks and great instructions in brochure form are available from your specialist dealer or can easily be downloaded from the Prym website.

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