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Germany’s family-run groups of companies meet the executive managers of tomorrow

18th & 19th October 2007

It is the first and unique recruiting and contact platform in Europe especially suitable for "Hidden Champion", family-run and medium-sized businesses which would like to get in contact with good, "all-round" and entrepreneurial minded management trainees. The career day for family-run businesses was introduced for the first time in 2006 and was very successful. Now, in 2007, the second round follows.

The often extraordinary and efficiently productive family-run and medium-sized businesses are less known by internationally orientated management aspirants than the large publicly owned firms. Vice versa the medium-sized businesses do not have nationwide access to promising management trainees.

The career day brings them together – a selection of fascinating "Hidden Champion" businesses and "handpicked" management trainees.

Illustration"The day for medium-sized businesses is the ideal platform for Prym to selectively search for management trainees who can be prepared for management tasks within our international organization. This is a very good supplement to our principle of offering our own trainees career chances in managerial positions too. Only a well-selected mix of internal and external candidates will bring the essential dynamism into a company. Due to the fact that one of our most innovative locations in the south of Germany (INOVAN) is always looking for young professionals, for us the career day in Ulm is very important."

Andreas Engelhardt

CEO of the Prym Group

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