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The new sewing boxes and cases from Prym Consumer

Keeping a lid on it

For all those who like to experiment, create or even repair, the variety of inspiring materials and applications provides a sheer endless string of possibilities. Today, handicrafts and needlework are as hip and trendy as never before – creative hobbies stop at nothing and no one. Where needle, thread & co. were once considered “basket cases”, the motto today is “Hobby to go!“. Now you can join the ranks and prove in top form with the new sewing boxes and cases from Prym Consumer. Clearly arranged, it’s all be sorted for you. Whether for creative enjoyment with your best friend, for your sewing class or an evening of handicraft – never before have your utensil been ready so quickly and so beautifully. But even at home, on your own sewing table, these neat little numbers will ensure glamour and put you in a good mood.

Beastly good

Modelled on the hard top case, these sewing cases bring star style to the table. The alu case (30 x 20 x 20 cm) with imitation leather cover in zebra look with combination lock is sure to cause a sensation: impact-resistant edges with alu corners and spring lock, along with a fold-down handle lend this fine-looking specimen a certain feminine elegance. In a smaller format (22 x 17 x 17 cm), this model is also available in leather look with an extra wide alu edge gracing the front rim of the lid. The acme of chic is the smallest variant (15 x 11 x 11 cm) with an outside of silver waffle pattern and a transparent lid with decorative silver corners and handle. In terms of inner values, these attractive alu cases are also set to capture the hearts of trend-conscious pin and needle enthusiasts: elastic loops and a fold-out tray are ideal for pins, hooks and needles as well as small articles while the spacious body offers plenty of room for larger items.

Open the door!

A simply classic piece is the professional sewing case made of aluminium. Its elegant cover with black flocked flowers corresponds with the metallic sheen of the aluminium edges and the large spring locks. The chief attraction are doors that open to the front and can be locked separately, hiding well thought-out tool pouches and elastic loops for important items such as roller cutter, ruler, marking set, scissors or seam ripper. Then again, the lid of this luxury case is designed just as convincingly with a flexible loop system that even accommodates size 40 knitting pins. Bulky items such as embroidery frame, patterns, drawings or stencils fit nicely inside the case. This enables discriminating hobby tailors always to have the right tools to hand – a neat way of giving top priority to creativity.

Homely wood look

A solid piece of trend are the new sewing boxes in wood look. Optionally with one, two or three pull-out levels, they not only promise practial space for any type of craft and needlework accessories but also propagate a wonderful atmosphere of inspiration. Made of solid MDF boards with robust, screwed scissor-type mechanism to draw out the individual levels, they can take the odd bump here and there. In maple, dark oak, cherry wood or beech look, they accommodate any taste and décor. Back to nature or with lavish floral patterns on the lid, they make a cool backdrop for any sewing table.

Decorative box

A veritable jewellery box, the variant in cherry wood look comes with integrated drawer and two-part folding lid with elegant floral fabric cover. Opened up, it reveals two further divisions into smaller compartments that will sure make it a favourite even as a casket for jewellery collections. A serious contender, however, is the romantic sewing box in beech look. The inset floral heart in the fold-up lid, its filigree brass buttons and the spacious drawer lend it an unmistakable hint of luxury.

Top-of-the-trend toolbox

At Prym Consumer, creativity has many faces: completely hand-painted in Trompe-l’Oeil style as sewing table including sewing machine and accessories, this exclusive needlework case with drawer, additional partitioning under the fold-up lid and large blue handle is sure to draw admiring glances. The lavish hand painting gives this decorative box a fascinatingly spacious appearance. Inside, it keeps what it promises: two large and two smaller compartments provide space galore. Black on white, a casket with flocked floral ornaments and golden lock adds top trend to the toolbox. A transparent, practically divided insert underlines its modern statement. For the romantically inclined, the same model is available in all-over floral look: completely covered with quality fabric of woven-in flowers in petit point look, this box provides an abundance of poetic contrasts.

Cool cocktail

At Prym Consumer, fresh ingredients and a healthy dose of creativity turn the classic sewing box into a practical highlight of the season to spoil the senses. The specialist in creative design now also offers guaranteed successful sewing baskets and depot systems in all their diversity: whether classic sewing baskets, fashionably flocked models, bright and cheerful click boxes or these brand-new creations – the collection makes for a really cool cocktail.

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