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Prym Fashion shines at Paris trade fair

Prym Fashion can look back with satisfaction at a successful trade fair season in February 2007. The company attended the three largest shows for fabrics and accessories: munich fabric start in Germany, MODA IN in Milan and MOD'AMONT in Paris. Represented by an international team at each of the events, Prym showcased the company’s latest developments in fashions and technologies for press fasteners, jeans buttons, rivets and zips.


Whether created to order for individual customers or as part of Prym’s general collection, all of our designs are stylish interpretations of the latest fashions. But this season, one product in particular put Prym in the limelight. In the run-up to MOD’AMONT in Paris, event organizers asked each of the 270 exhibitors to nominate the product they were most proud of. A committee, comprising experts from footwear and leather goods companies, prêt-à-porter clothing firms and trend consultancies, then selected the 30 products that they felt best met this season’s criteria for style and innovation. Prym Fashion’s press fastener featuring a holographic flower design was among the judges’ choices, and as such was on display in a special “VIP products” area.


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