Prym Consumer

Prym Consumer

A winning combination of innovation and dedication

Employees at Prym Consumer are always coming up with new products that capture the imagination of their customers. That’s why Prym Consumer is today’s leading global supplier of sewing and needlework accessories, in terms of both production and sales. With a global network of production sites, a centralized quality management programme and excellent attention to detail, Prym Consumer’s products are essential to the sewing and needlework industries all over the globe. And thanks to its steady stream of new and exciting products, environmentally-friendly production techniques, customer-oriented approach and sound advice, the company’s market share is growing constantly. The secret of our success is our dedication to delivering innovative, high-quality products.

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Head office

Prym Consumer Europe GmbH

Zweifaller Straße 130

D-52224 Stolberg

Fon(+49) 24 02-14 04

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