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Company Profile


Prym is the oldest family-owned business in Germany, and one of the oldest in the world. Today the company is separated into three divisions and has its head office in Stolberg, a town bordering Belgium and the Netherlands. The Prym Group’s sales teams and production facilities are located around the globe, while the company operates in every major market worldwide.

The Prym Group is made up of three separate divisions:

  • Prym Consumer a leading global supplier of creative sewing products and needlework, as well as fashion accessories.
  • Prym Fashion is a world-leading supplier of rivetable press fastening systems and accessories to the clothing and textile industries.
  • INOVAN provides innovative, high-quality solutions in the fields of material and surface technology, microfine pressing technology, and mechatronics, as well as fasteners and precision mechanical parts.

The Prym Group constantly strives to develop cutting-edge solutions. We manufacture goods today that serve the needs of tomorrow’s market, while all our products are known for their impeccable quality standards and outstanding performance, as well as their effective marketing campaigns.

Our products and services create lasting value for our customers, business partners, shareholders and employees.

The Prym family shareholders are firmly committed to the business, providing the foundations for extensive, long-term development. What’s more, the Prym Group has and always will be characterized by its respectful, honest corporate culture.

As an international group of businesses, we are well aware of our responsibilities, and seek to minimize our impact on natural resources at every stage of the production process. We are committed to combining economic necessity with environmental responsibility to the benefit of our customers, business partners, shareholders and employees.

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Head office

William Prym Holding GmbH

Zweifaller Straße 130

D-52224 Stolberg

Fon(+49) 24 02-14 01

Fax(+49) 24 02-14 2939


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